Accurate 3D ultrasound and improved 2D ultrasound

Track Injuries and Diseases with standardized 3D Ultrasound
Get better 2D ultrasound images for a faster diagnosis

Ultrasound Tomography - for disease evolution studies

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The Problem

The quality of diagnostic ultrasound imaging has improved dramatically over the past years, but…

…the images are neither standardized nor reproducible

…the measurement process is highly operator dependent

…ultrasound images give qualitative information only

Our solution

An ultrasound tomography (like an MRI or CT, but based on ultrasound technology)

…that provides accurate 3D images of full body parts (e.g. upper leg, lower leg)

…that provides standardized images, so you find what you’re looking for extremely fast

…that allows tracking anatomies in 3D

Become an Expert

Our Sonit System will assist you in

…tracking inflammation in joints, e.g. hands or feet

…tracking the recovery of muscles after an injury, tendon structure, fat fraction

…develop better treatments by quantifying your patient’s body state

Improve your day-to-day ultrasound diagnostics

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