Autonomous ultrasound for groundbreaking recovery support and injury prevention


A highly innovative solution
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Eliminating the operator dependence

An ultrasound measurement depends on: exerted pressure, measuring angle, measured time, ultrasound method, ultrasound head, frequency, frame rate & brightness. The picture of one day compared to the next is never the same and therefore never comparable! SONIT PRO ELIMINATES THE OPERATOR DEPENDENCE!

Sonit Pro

Our device is based on a novel use of ultrasound, that allows for reproducible images from soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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Sonit AI

Our artificial intelligence analyzes the measured ultrasound data and makes them available to the doctor 24/7.

Faster Recovery

Monitoring your muscles’ health is possible for the first time ever! Injuries can be checked daily on progression and so our Sonit Pro offers a way to optimize recovery and get back on track faster!


We improve soft-tissue diagnostics and start with high performance sports to get there.
Sonit: an augmented decision making tool

We are a UZH Startup

… and are supported by the RUNWAY Incubator, Innosuisse and the Impact Hub Zurich network. Please note, that the University of Zurich is neither legally nor economically connected with the startup.​ Want to pay us a visit? Our office is located in the RUNWAY incubator in Technopark Winterthur.



The Founders

Dr. Sophia Borowka

Physicist and originator of a new research line in the field of theoretical particle physics // 30 research papers with 3 very well known, 1 renowned // specialist in algorithm development
CEO & Founder

Jana Maes

BSc. – D.O. in Osteopathy // Specialized in psychoneuroimmunology // Clinical experience in CH, BE, NL and GB // Member of EMR and ASCA
CMO & Co-founder

Advisory Board

Dr. Raphaela Borowka

Medical Specialist Doctor // Specialist for Neurology // Specialist for Emergency Care // Member of DGN and German Pain Society e.V.


Chief Medical Officer // Head of Musculoskeletal Radiology at University Hospital Zurich


Economist // Project Manager and Consultant // Specialist for Health-Economics and Reimbursement