Peak performance​ through ultrasound analysis

Do you want a deep insight into the state of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fat fraction of your healthy athletes to optimize their training?

Ultrasound Tomography - for everyday use

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Accurate Measurements

The reliability of today’s measurements of soft-tissue characteristics (e.g. muscle strength, tendon length, subcutaneous fat fraction)

depend either

  • on models based on an idealized human


  • on an idealized user taking the measurement

    This means, it’s hard to judge the quality of the measurement.

  • What you get

  • accurate 3D images of full body parts (e.g. upper leg, lower leg) of your athlete

  • measure the muscle area by hand and compare with our AI result

  • standardized images, so you find what you’re looking for extremely fast

  • Become an Expert

    Our Sonit System helps you in

    …tracking the muscle mass, tendon structure, fat fraction

    …analyzing the muscle architecture

    …setting up a more informed training faster

    …test new training types

    of your athletes, and getting them into their best possible condition sustainably.

    Learn more about the measurement process:

    Our Sonit Solution...

    ...will help you bring out the best in your athletes!
    Maximize your athletes' power - long-term!

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