Monitoring Athletes with Ultrasound

Reproducible ultrasound tomography for first class injury recovery support and soft-tissue monitoring

The technology we are developing

Ultrasound Tomography - for everyday use
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The drawbacks of ultrasound

Finding the optimal angle on the patient’s body to make an accurate diagnosis requires intensive training

Comparing ultrasound images is highly complex because it is hard to reproduce the same pressure, ultrasonic angle and patient position in subsequent ultrasound examinations.

Our Sonit Solution

Your patient lets the ultrasound measurement be taken by our Sonit Pro. An accurate 3D ultrasound volume of a full body part of your patient is automatically created.

This allows to choose the view angle flexibly – for a more accurate diagnosis.

Because the measurement is always taken in the same way, comparing subsequent ultrasound images becomes a piece of cake.

The Benefits of Sonit

As a healthcare professional, you can

…spot lesions beyond the region of interest

…track the evolution of injuries and diseases

…track muscle mass, fat fraction, blood flow

…make a more informed diagnosis faster

and with this help your patients recover faster.

How our Sonit Solution works:

Our Sonit Solution...

...will revolutionize soft-tissue diagnostics
Sonit: an augmented decision making tool

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Dr. Sophia Borowka

Chief Executive Officer
Physics PhD // Max-Planck Graduate and CERN fellow // Innovator // Algorithm development and AI // 34 research papers // 2 patents

Jana Maes

Chief Medical Officer
BSc. – D.O. in Osteopathy (University of Wales) // Clinical experience in CH, BE, NL and GB // Two successful international practices // over 9,000 patients with only 5-star reviews

Dr. Jinesh Kallunkathariyil

Chief Technology Officer
PhD in Physics // Former Marie-Curie Fellow // Hardware R&D // Image Analysis // 9+ research papers

Luca Andrich

Mechanical Design
Mechanical Engineering // Student at ZHAW // Trained Polymechanic

Advisory Board

Dr. Raphaela Borowka

Medical Specialist Doctor // Specialist for Neurology // Specialist for Emergency Care // Member of DGN and German Pain Society e.V.

Mark Goddard

Experienced executive // Chief Commercial Officer // Extensive sports network


Medical Specialist Doctor // Head of Musculoskeletal Radiology at University Hospital Zurich

James Oates

Seasoned Leader // Financial expert // Specialist for governance, audit, risk and compliance


Economist // Project Manager and Consultant // Specialist for Health-Economics and Reimbursement