July 7, 2020


Our Team is here for you

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • PhD in Physics
  • Max-Planck Graduate and CERN fellow
  • Algorithm development and AI
  • 34 research papers
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
  • BSc. – D.O. in Osteopathy (University of Wales)
  • Clinical experience in CH, BE, NL and GB
  • Two successful international practices
  • Over 9,000 patients with only 5-star reviews
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • PhD in Physics
  • Marie-Curie Scholarship
  • 19 years of R&D experience
  • 9+ research papers
  • Machine Mechanic
  • Mechanical Engineering student at ZHAW
  • Lead construction of 5 temporary wooden buildings

Discover Our Advisors

Dr.med. Raphaela Borowka

Dr. Raphaela Borowka

Medical Specialist Doctor at Alexianer Hospital Berlin // Specialist for Neurology // Specialist for Emergency Care // Member of DGN and German Pain Society e.V.

Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard

Experienced corporate entrepreneur // Chief Commercial Officer // Extensive sports network

PD Dr.med. Roman Guggenberger

PD Dr. Roman Guggenberger

Medical Specialist Doctor // Head of Musculoskeletal Radiology at University Hospital Zurich

James Oates

James Oates

Seasoned Leader // Financial expert // Specialist for governance, audit, risk and compliance

Simon Weber

Simon Weber

Economist // Project Manager and Consultant at Cellogic // Specialist for Health-Economics and Reimbursement